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A Hint of Fiction

Welcome to A Hint of Fiction! Your hosts Alexandria and William will take you through stories of the unknown, the mysterious and the downright weird, with a catch. Every episode we will tell you three stories, but one of them is false, can you find the line between fact and fantasy? 

Mar 16, 2022

Humans are considered to be the top of our food chain, we are the biggest apex predators on the planet, contending with Great White Sharks, Lions, Tigers and Crocodiles…. Oh my. The question I put to you is, what if we were not? Stories of large humanoid creatures, flying beasts in far flung jungles and massive sea creatures make us question our place at the top of the food chain. Do these cryptids pose a threat to our very existence?


In this episode, a bat creature attacks an expedition team in a remote jungle, a large sea creature is unearthed after some major construction and an ugly creature cries tears of amber for its lost incarnation. One of these stories isn’t true, can you figure out which one? Welcome to A Hint of Fiction

Story Timestamps

A Screech in the Night - 3:44

Monsters on the Seven Seas - 12:29

The Crying Cryptid - 22:16