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A Hint of Fiction

Welcome to A Hint of Fiction! Your hosts Alexandria and William will take you through stories of the unknown, the mysterious and the downright weird, with a catch. Every episode we will tell you three stories, but one of them is false, can you find the line between fact and fantasy? 

May 31, 2022

Legends of objects of value and grandeur surround people of similar nature, we look to these relics as milestones of our accomplishments as humans and sometimes these objects take on stories of their own. Weapons of great power and destruction, secrets that could change the world or powerful objects that in the wrong hands could cause the end of everything. 

These sacred and special artifacts sometimes go missing and lost to time, where do these pieces of our history go and what happened to these mythic items?

Today, we bring you three stories of powerful artifacts lost to time. A feudal swordsmakers most powerful sword goes missing during a World War, a bardian original is lost to the annuals of the stage and an engine is created that smells good.


Intro - 00:59

The Greatest Sword from the Greatest Swordmaker - 3:07 

When Love Was Won and Lost - 18:10

The Engine That Smelled Good - 31:01

Outro - 43:12

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