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A Hint of Fiction

Welcome to A Hint of Fiction! Your hosts Alexandria and William will take you through stories of the unknown, the mysterious and the downright weird, with a catch. Every episode we will tell you three stories, but one of them is false, can you find the line between fact and fantasy? 

Oct 2, 2019

Fairy Tales reach out from our childhood and touch our hearts through nostalgia, mystery and wonder. We may know these stories from old childhood books, stories told by our parents, or even the Wonderful World of Disney. While these stories may bring happiness to our hearts, the truth behind many of these stories are cold, heartless and even sometimes murderous.


In this episode,the origins of a sleeping princess are buried in Norse mythology, a hairy child is forced to live in a cage and amuse French royalty, and a woman with skin as white as snow is put to sleep by a poisoned apple. One of these three stories isn’t what it seems, can you guess which one? Find out on this episode of A Hint of Fiction


*******************Spoiler Alerts************************


Sleeping Beauty: Written by William Acker

Beauty and the Beast:

Snow White: